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Jewel and Murray announce divorce and commitment to son

If you are interested in celebrity divorce news from around the United States, then you may have heard about Jewel, 40, and her pending divorce from Ty Murray, 44. They have been married since 2008 when they had a wedding in the Bahamas. People magazine writes that the two have been together for 16 years, six of which were while married. The couple has been separating through "thoughtful and tender undoing," according to Jewel.

If your divorce in Colorado is similar to this one and has needed only mediation or slight legal assistance, then you may appreciate the way the couple is handling their situation. Of course, if it's not, don't worry. You can get the help you need to get through this difficult time and move on with your life. Mediation could help if you don't want to head to court, or you can seek legal representation to make sure you get what you deserve out of your divorce.

Gay weddings in Colorado could cause legal problems later

As a couple, you deserve to have all the same rights as anyone else. That includes the right to marry, divorce and vie for custody of your children. Coloradoans might have heard about gay weddings that took place despite the fact that Colorado, as a state, does not recognize those marriages yet. Some are arguing that this could later cause legal chaos, making child custody, asset protection and other divorce issues difficult to determined.

Here's an example of how child custody could be affected. Two people, at the moment, can get married in Colorado despite it being a gay marriage. That's okay for now, but later, if the marriage ban is enforced in the state, those marriages can become invalid. That could threaten people's legal right to child custody or even to a divorce.

Divorce mediation on the rise in the United States

When you need to get a divorce, you may worry that it could get out of hand. Divorces can be stressful and bring out the worst in some people, but that's what mediation is there for. With divorce mediation, even volatile situations can be worked through in a way that will allow the divorce to move more quickly and hopefully with an outcome that you deserve.

One report claims that it's important for couples to seek, or at least consider, mediation before heading into a dispute. Why is that? The article claims that those who go through mediation have a divorce that costs around 50 percent less and that takes around half the time of a traditional court proceeding. In most cases, up to 95 percent of the time, court cases end with a settlement anyway, so the settlement being achieved through mediation may be a shortcut to a faster divorce.

High-asset divorce of Banderas and Griffith one to learn from

When it comes to protecting your assets during a divorce in Colorado, you want to make sure you protect and receive everything you deserve. Divorces with many assets aren't uncommon; take for instance this celebrity high-asset divorce involving Antonio Banderas and Melanie Griffith. Griffith, 56, filed for divorce from Banderas, 53, and now they allegedly need to divide their assets worth approximately $65 million.

The couple also shares a daughter who is 17. Griffith is seeking sole physical custody of their daughter, but she wants joint legal custody of the girl. She's also requesting spousal support. It's been suggested that she wants to obtain a large amount of their marital assets including a number of properties in Los Angeles, New York, Spain, and Colorado. The pair also has commercial properties in Los Angeles, Miami, and overseas, and they have restaurants as well.

Stevie J. fails to pay child support in divorce case

If you have gone through a divorce or are going to be going through one in Colorado, it's important that you understand how child support will impact you and your partner. In some cases, the emotional stress of the situation can make it hard to decide what amount is right for your child's care, and that's why divorce mediation is sometimes suggested. That might be something that would work in this case involving Stevie Jordan, who allegedly owes $1 million in child support.

Steve J, a cast member on VH1's "Love & Hip Hip Atlanta" has been arrested due to being in arrears with his child support payments. The 40-year-old man allegedly owes over $1 million in payments for his two children. Jordan is an Atlanta resident, and he has had to appear in the courts in Atlanta and was then held until a bail hearing.

Shepherd speaks about child custody, divorce

If you're a fan of celebrity news, then this report about Sherri Shepherd talking out about her pending divorce may be of interest to you. According to the news, she previously was not discussing her divorce, but she's broken her silence about her case with her current husband and one with her ex over the care of her 9-year-old child.

If you've had to deal with child custody issues, then you might understand what this woman is going through. The welfare of her children is the most important part of these divorces, and it's important that in your case, you focus on that part of your divorce first. This high-asset divorce may be a complex divorce case, but the judge in the case will have the final say.

Bitcoin causes concern for the division of assets

If you've heard of Bitcoin or know that your ex or partner uses them, you may be interested in this information about how Bitcoins can be used to hide assets during divorce. Bitcoins, which are an electronic currency, may allow divorcing spouses to hide assets instead of dividing the coins as marital property, according to some lawyers, and they should be disclosed as assets during a divorce.

Working with Bitcoins could make it easier to shift assets is one argument. That means that the assets may be moved to other jurisdictions, and that makes it hard for anyone to touch them. Because of how Bitcoins are used, they are good for hiding assets. They are hard to trace, and it's hard to define who owns the currency directly.

Child custody and marijuana: arguments vary despite legality

Law changes outside of family law can still end up impacting things like alimony or child custody in divorce cases. In Colorado, marijuana possession is likely not a feasible reason to lose custody of a child since it is now legal. The recent approval of marijuana use has been addressed for those who have children and custody disputes in other states as well. According to a May 27 report, the medicinal marijuana bill sent to the Assembly in New York has passed after a three-hour debate.

According to the story, the measure was approved by the Assembly by a vote of 91 to 34. The bill puts no limit on how many people can get a license to produce medical marijuana in New York. It differs from the Senate's bill, which limits the number to 20. According to the news, the Senate's bill also limits smoking the drug to those over the age of 21. The bill in New York has no such limitations.

Collaborative divorce saves time and money

Working together to get through your divorce in Colorado is one way you can save money and reduce your stress levels. Hopefully, your divorce will be easy enough and amicable enough to allow that to happen. However, if it's not, it's important to know that you can seek divorce mediation or other things that can help settle disputes. This May 2 report states that collaborative divorce is known to ease emotional and economic stress if it's possible to work together.

Collaborative divorce is a technique that can help you stay out of the courts. Negotiations and decisions are made by spouses along with support professionals and trained attorneys. This type of process is supposed to be neutral and peaceful, unlike the way litigation can be in a court. Couples will work with a neutral party to mediate any arguments and to determine who will get what in a settlement.

Divorce could be an option in 2014 for gay couples

When it comes to homosexual relationships, there are still plenty of trials. In Colorado, the United States Supreme Court's ruling declaring gay marriage bans unconstitutional has not had as much of an impact, because previously, civil unions and domestic partnerships were already recognized. The distinction does make a difference, though, and now the U.S. government has made it clear that these relationships and marriages from other states have to be recognized everywhere in the U.S. It's just taking some time to overturn the individual states' laws.

In Idaho, a ban against gay marriage has been banned as unconstitutional, and the state now must allow same-sex couples to marry in the state as of May 16. This matters, because marriage gives you different protections than just a civil partnership or domestic partnership. Banning the marriages has been said to be unconstitutional because of the way the laws deny the couples involved the emotional, spiritual, practical, and economic benefits of marriage. It also allegedly forces same-sex couples to be seen as second-class citizens.


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