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Protecting Your Finances, Preserving Your Family's Future During Colorado High-Asset Divorce

If you are a divorcing spouse of considerable financial means in Colorado — an heir, entrepreneur, business owner or professional in private practice — you deserve aggressive protection of your rights, and of your investment in your marriage, by an experienced family law attorney.

In Greater Denver, the high-asset divorce lawyer who values you as both client and human being is Richard I. Zuber, founder of Zuber Law P.C.

Unique Skills That Benefit You

During his decades of successful service to high-asset divorce clients, Richard has excelled at producing practical, lasting outcomes through a variety of constructive strategies: from mediation and collaborative law techniques to arbitration, negotiation and complex litigation in the courtroom.

This versatility gives you options for arriving at an equitable distribution of assets, for example, or resolving a child custody dispute that has been complicated by money.

Richard advances your property division goals by "crunching the numbers" in detail, where the need for forensic accounting to uncover hidden assets is concerned. He believes deeply in "the best interest of the child" as the ideal guide for formulation of child access arrangements. He recognizes that adults and children alike can be scarred long-term, emotionally and psychologically, by divorce's many potentially negative aspects. He accesses expert analyses of specialists in every field touched by divorce, in order to dispense useful recommendations for pursuing life after divorce.

Whether a disagreement over ownership of a significant asset, fine print in a prenuptial agreement or custody and visitation issue stands in the way of your transition to a brighter future, our law firm offers the experience you need — and the personal service you deserve. We can also help you avoid common mistakes in high-asset divorce cases.

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Contact Zuber Law P.C. in Denver to discuss your unique situation as a high net worth individual in general, and your divorce case in particular. Appointments for initial consultations can be made during regular business hours, evenings and weekends. Call today to 303-753-1515 or send an email message.

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