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Working To Ensure The Welfare Of Your Children

In any child custody case, the focus must always be on the welfare of the children. These matters can become quite complex when the demands of one parent begin to interfere with the parental rights of the other. In cases like these, it is important to have an experienced attorney on your side who can help reach an agreement that meets the needs of everyone involved.

At Zuber Law P.C., this law firm has extensive experience with all types of complex child custody matters. From offices in Denver, Colorado, attorney Richard I. Zuber and staff represent both fathers and mothers in state, interstate and international child custody and visitation cases. As a lawyer with over 40 years of experience, Richard is also a fellow of the American Academy of Matrimonial Lawyers, a national organization that recognizes its members as leaders in the field of family law.

Protecting Children's Interests in Complex Child Custody Cases

Zuber Law P.C. has handled all types of custody matters, from relocation and move-away cases to those involving domestic partnerships and grandparent visitation rights. Richard's experience includes international child custody disputes; for example, one matter involved an infant's return from France to Aspen, Colorado. In addition, Zuber Law P.C. assists parents facing claims that they are unfit due to substance abuse or other issues, where the goal is to help these parents continue to have a meaningful relationship with their children.

In every case, Zuber Law P.C. seeks to minimize the impact of divorce on the children. The children should not be put in the middle and used as leverage in divorce cases. In the end, custody cases hinge on what is best for the children. Zuber Law P.C. works diligently to see this through.

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