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Making Your Children's Lives Great Again

Divorce can emotionally damage a child in any number of ways — from feelings of blame and shame to the tendency to side with one parent or another, to suddenly poor academic performance and loss of physical health, just to name a few.

The divorce and family law attorney you retain to represent you should have access to multiple sources of medical and mental health expertise. These experts can address byproducts of divorce such as parental alienation, newfound loneliness felt by a child and loss of interest in social activity.

In Greater Denver and across Colorado, the skilled and compassionate lawyer who excels at helping children of divorce to thrive again is Richard I. Zuber of Zuber Law P.C.

What Richard Can Do For You

Richard recognizes the importance that consistency and stability play in a child's life, post divorce. His insightful guidance encourages prominent roles played by both parents in a child's upbringing while new routines are established. Lessons learned during his decades of experience as trusted adviser to divorcing spouses can benefit you too.

Is your child having difficulty adapting to a life without both parents? Is he or she engaging in destructive behaviors, "acting out" in school or social settings? Do you sense that the end of your marriage has soured him or her on the institution of marriage in general?

Richard is an excellent listener and source of information when the goal is simply to return your life to "normal." He educates you to what laws regarding complex child custody have to say, as well as what doctors and psychologists advise. He works hard to shape your concerns into strategies that directly address your issues, and those of your child's. But you need to contact Zuber Law P.C. as soon as possible, to discuss what's happening in your home.

Make Your Children's Lives Great Again — Come To Zuber Law P.C. In Denver

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