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Helping You Make Changes To Existing Divorce Orders

As circumstances often change after a divorce, Colorado dissolution of marriage laws allow post-decree modifications. Parties must petition the court for a modification and this must be approved. There are consequences for parties who stray from an initial dissolution of marriage order without seeking court permission. Let our experienced Denver post-decree modification lawyer file a motion on your behalf and make your case for you.

At Zuber Law P.C. our family law practice helps families both seek and contest post-decree modifications in child custody, child support, alimony and in some cases, complex property division. We understand that life does and will change after your divorce. Changing your permanent orders following the entry of the divorce decree can help reflect major life changes in a way that makes sense for all parties involved. If you have a post-decree modification case, contact us today for a free initial consultation: 303-753-1515.

Child Custody And Visitation Modifications

There are many situations that may lead to a parental rights/responsibilities and parenting time modification. Common examples include a parent moving away or out of state. Removal cases are more complicated as they involve taking a child out of the state in which the divorce order was entered. Attorney Richard Zuber has extensive experience in removal/relocation cases. He can help you with these often complex custody modification matters.

Changing Spousal Support Or Child Support

Spousal support/alimony and child support can also be modified. Generally there has to be a substantial change in circumstances for any post-decree modification. Losing a job, remarriage or gainful employment are just some of the situations that may lead to a post-decree modification.

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